Reporting - Investigating Opportunities

Researching Specific Markets       
Humanfactors's work regularly requires research before the product development cycle even begins. Based on this diversity of research, many of our clients have created projects out of the research itself, commissioning full-scale, comprehensive reports on subjects as varied as "smart" electronic joint implants, obesity and its comorbidities, and functional coping mechanisms of the blind. There are three primary reasons behind these partnerships.

1) Humanfactors is expert in translating data into accessible formats to create value for all interested stakeholders - from marketing and sales to engineering and design.
2) Humanfactors is able to help our clients identify potential areas of IP development within, and beyond, their current product portfolios and development strategies.
3) Humanfactors can identify how a particular subject, such as obesity as a disease (pictured at right), might impact a client's specific medical device outlook.