Philips Medical

Maintaining Relationships    
What began as an exploratory design exercise grew into a close partnership of development, strategy, and research spanning several years and a multitude of successful products for the respiratory care industry. As a trusted Design Team, Humanfactors has been included in virtually every aspect of much of Philips’ diverse product line. From concept generation and exploratory sketch phases, to manufacture liaison and product packaging, Humanfactors has contributed to Philips’ high standards of excellence.
Better Product Through Testing     
Humanfactors is seamlessly aligned with Philips' Development Team, and together we have brought to market a broad scope of drug delivery devices for both hospital and personal use. As an extended team, Humanfactors investigates obscure materials, analyzes test results and stress analyses, reviews prototypes, designs and calibrates test fixtures, discusses in depth human factors issues, and coordinates focus groups while developing products to meet FDA and ISO guidelines.